I wouldn’t know one if I saw one. Everyone might be a Croatoan. At least Croatoans think so. Or so I imagine. I don’t want to confuse anyone. The Croatoans are cursed. After all they may be extinct. I’m not trying to be coy about it. I just honestly don’t know. A lot of things have gone extinct or nearly extinct. I don’t want to be erased either. No Croatoan would want that. I wish the Croatoans had a seperate language that everyone understood. I worry that if anyone finds out about the Croatoans that they’ll be misunderstood. They’re outsiders and private people I believe.

They’re probably filthy but I don’t care. I wish they were part of the great unwashed. Then I’d be sure I’m one of them. That makes me sound like I’m looking down on them. I don’t think that’s tolerated.

I just want to know how it all started. Have they always been Croatoan and all those type of questions. They must’ve had an origin story other than the guy with the sign on the tree. If I meet a Croatoan does it matter if they know and I know. I’m probably not a Croatoan if I have to ask that question. I want a membership card but I doubt that’s a thing.

I wish there were some kind of festival or seminar where you could go to find out about these things. Somebody would want to turn it into a spiritual revival or worse an organizational meeting or a rally. Or no one would show up. All bets are off for Croatoans.





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