It’s pretty cold today in Croatoa if that’s where I am. I thought somebody would be around here to talk to but there isn’t. It’s nice here. Kind of quiet. Not really peaceful though. Maybe I’m with the ghosts of the Croatoans but I don’t really believe in ghosts. I believe in bad people but not ghosts.

I think that guy way back when used to go to work every day like me. He went off with his European pals with their swords and shields building forts on the edge of the ocean then went home to Croatoa at night. Until that one time he didn’t come back. Nobody knows what happened after that.

I don’t think they sent out a search party for him. Most of them said in public we’re building this nice fort why would anyone want to leave or he can’t survive out there with them he’s already dead. Sometimes on cold nights they’d whisper he didn’t find Croatoa did he. I wish I could’ve gone with him.

I’m not really in Croatoa. I know it doesn’t really exist anymore if it ever did. I spend so much time in my head there I still want to visit. If I can just get there I’d try and rebuild Croatoa from the ground up. Everyone thinks I’m crazy or lazy or both. They don’t even know about Croatoa. But I’d try.

I have to go see my friends for breakfast tomorrow. One of my friends is definitely a Croatoan and the other is on the fence. Neither of them has ever heard of it and I’m not going to be the one to tell them. They both have generous spirits but they fight over who pays and they shouldn’t do that if they want to be Croatoans. I never pay or rarely and I feel bad about it. If I lived with the Croatoans that would never happen. Not in my Croatoa anyway.

They wouldn’t let me into Croatoa if I could find it.



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