Nobody likes Croatoans

Croatoans are abnormal. They don’t like communicating with the outside world. Misunderstood is an understatement. I don’t want to talk to anyone anymore. I just want to be Croatoan.

There are people that live outside of Croatoa that think that everyone in Croatoa is lazy. They don’t like to work and they’re useless.

I don’t want to live in an institutional place like the people outside of Croatoa would have. I’m sorry that I ever told anyone about Croatoa or Croatoans or the Croatan National Forest where I’d like to live. But there are people coming to get me. That’s the threat. I’m supposed to go live in a place with a bed and  a bunch of people that want to examine why I’m so obsessed with Croatoa and break me of that.

I don’t think that’s right.

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